Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Personal Warning to Montana Militia Heading to the BUNDY RANCH

Federal government/military spies suspected of infiltrating militia supporters at Bundy Ranch
"Be careful...this area is swarming with feds..."
-Radio talk show host admission following my interview in Kalispell Montana several years ago.

Cliven Bundy of Bunkerville, Nevada

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I just received an email from a well known militia figure in the NW Montana region, Paul Stramer of Eureka, Montana. 

Stramer outlined in his email how a caravan loaded with survival supplies and tents for militia volunteers and other people supporting the stand of Cliven Bundy in Nevada, was about to embark from the Kalispell, Montana area.
I have personally met with Paul briefly at various times in the past. He seems like a very fine and sincere person, and I have enjoyed spending time with him at various public events. You can read more about him below.

I have spent much time living in the Kalispell, Montana area previously. 

Much of my journalism investigating the NWO agenda for America, including exposing the infamous prisoner boxcars with shackles and the FEMA camps that were sighted in that area previously, took place over the years in that very region of NW Montana.

Beautiful northwestern Montana, home to Glacier National Park

During the course of my investigative journalism there, I also discovered an important truth that every NWO resister, gun owner and all militia members need to remember and never forget.
Through interviewing numerous sources in that region, I was informed that the Federal government and the US military is steadily attempting to infiltrate local militia groups and Tea Party gatherings and Patriot/Constitutional organizations and meetings.

Such infiltrators and agent provocateurs are very highly trained in their field. They know how to "walk the walk and talk the talk" to fit in with the locals, attempting to become undetectable.

Montana locals I interviewed told me of encountering such Fed infiltrators, in one case even seeing the Federal infiltrator's FBI badge, which he flipped open to identify himself at the scene of a  local traffic accident in which he had stopped to offer assistance to the injured person.

This local Montanan from Kalispell told me that the FBI man both looked and acted like a Montana mountain man. He sported a beard, a cowboy hat and drove a good ol' boy cowboy truck. He looked nothing like the three piece suit professional FBI operatives back in Washington DC. (In other words, forget the image of men in dark suits with sunglasses.)
How could this guy ever successfully penetrate the militias?

And this is their intention: to successfully infiltrate local communities and militias (plus anything Patriotic or Constitutional or Second Amendment related)in order to spy on America, and to ferret out all potential "NWO resisters" including America's militias.

One day after concluding a 2 hour radio broadcast special (exposing the NWO agenda) in Kalispell, I was warned by the talk show host to be "very careful" in the Kalispell, Montana, region. 
"Be careful...this area is swarming with Feds..." John Stokes (formerly of THE EDGE broadcast in Kalispell) told me as I walked out the door of the radio studio. I decided to then research further into this.

Militia members I encountered and interviewed throughout the region confirmed that this was the truth, and admitted that many of them realized this already. One woman informed me of the following:

"We already know that the federal government is infiltrating our militia groups...that's why we no longer openly form militias. Instead, it's more like every other home has quietly become it's own private militia...."
Therefore I was extremely interested when I encountered an article online today and a video outlining that several of the militias guarding the BUNDY RANCH had reason to believe that their group was being steadily infiltrated by the Feds.

My immediate thought was, of COURSE you have been infiltrated by Federal agents! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure THAT one out. 

This type of monitoring has been standard procedure throughout the highly volatile region of NWO Montana for years, wherein many people have relocated from across America to take what they believe is their last stand for freedom from tyranny and the NWO agenda for our nation. 
Freedom lovers are drawn to the wide open spaces 
of "Big Sky Country" 

Infiltration by both Federal agents and military intelligence has been taking place throughout this region for a long time, due to the large numbers of people who have relocated here to stand against the NWO agenda for America.

I personally believe that both local cowboys and militia present at the Bundy Ranch have already been infiltrated by government and military intelligence. Some have been planted in such regions for a long time, living there to blend in and then monitor suspected NWO resisters, and to infiltrate various Patriot groups and militias.

Anyone living in this region should have realized all this by now, and acted accordingly, being careful who you trust and what you say and to whom.
My greatest fears regarding this unfolding Bundy Ranch saga are as follows:

I am concerned about a premature conflict between Federal forces and the Patriotic militias. Many of us realize that the BIG conflict is coming to our nation under full scale martial law. I personally believe that it is wise not to waste your freedom and survival resources prior to the real thing coming down in our nation.

As disturbing as the situation at the Bundy Ranch may be, it still is not "the next BIG one" heralding martial law nationwide and the great confrontation. 

I am also concerned over the huge potential of a government set-up, designed to lure well-meaning militias and concerned citizens into a no-win battle that could turn into a tragedy of lives endangered and lost on both sides.

The potential for another government paid actor like TIMOTHY MCVEIGH to be planted among the genuine militias, who will then act in a way as to provoke gunfire from the government side, is also very real.
The federal government could then seize upon this as an excuse to target ALL militias across America, who could then be blacklisted and hunted down as "domestic terrorists." 

Such conflict on the Bundy ranch could escalate into something far worse, wherein the military might eventually be sent in even with drone and helicopter gunships as well. People on the left have already suggested this be done on public forums on the Internet, and I have read such comments.

Federal agents planted among the militias, could easily be used to fire the provocative shot at federal agents there, which could then result in the Federal agents and military retaliating and  firing upon the militias and cowboys standing  with Bundy, resulting in a terrible bloodbath and needless, senseless loss of life.

Furthermore, the federal agents infiltrating these militia groups could easily be gathering information as they talk to various members while wearing hidden recording devices, to be used against those unsuspecting militia members later. 
Or, they also work as agent provocateurs to lure militia members into doing something they later will regret, to ultimately cause their arrest. Again, this is simply standard procedure for the intelligence community and is to be anticipated.

One thing must always be understood: the globalist elements within the Federal government HATE the militias of America, even as insiders have previously shared with me. The Federal government considers them a major threat to their NWO agenda for America. 

They realize that America's militia members are fully aware of the NWO commu-fascist agenda for North America. And that no militia member is going to voluntarily surrender this nation's sovereignty or their guns to NWO tyranny any time soon. 
Nor are America's militias going to meekly submit to being marched off to prisoner boxcars, to then be whisked to deadly FEMA/DHS camps for brutal torture and termination. Militia members I have interviewed throughout that region told me so to my face.

One militia man I interviewed told me, "Yes, I know all about martial law and the FEMA camps, and it will be outta my cold dead hands they pry my gun, because I am not surrendering to the NEW WORLD ORDER, and I will never be taken alive to the camps..." -Anonymous militia member, Stillwater, Montana

The modern-day militias in America are in fact a major part of the WARRIOR CLASS PATRIOTS that the NWO fears, as written about by the US ARMY in it's war college report "WARRIOR CLASS" by Ralph Peters. 

Peters admitted that these people who will offer resistance against the NWO agenda out of religious or Patriotic convictions, cannot be reasoned with or bargained with and "...must be combated with irresistible force" by the US military.
German Bundeswehr (military) will be used 
in America under martial law

Make no mistake
about it: the US military, and her NATO allies (the foreign troops on American soil) will play a major role in seeking to subdue all civilian resistance under martial law in America's future. They will not be nice about it. These hardened military forces will forcibly arrest, they will maim and they will kill men, women and children in America under martial law.

A former drill sergeant for the US Marines who I interviewed in Bozeman, MT, confirmed to my face that this is quite true. "We have been even hardening our men to fire upon women and children, because hey...they can fire guns too, can't they?"
Drone firing missile
The US military forces even have the potential to use helicopter gunships and drones and other deadly force to subdue all civilian resistance, including at the Bundy ranch. And someday we will tragically witness such means being used against the American people, as America finally descends into chaos and full scale martial law.

I highly advise the militia movement in America to exercise great caution about being drawn into a premature confrontation and conflict such as is unfolding at the Bundy Ranch. Think carefully before you deplete your resources and expose yourself to the possibility of arrest and incarceration (NDAA act) by becoming heavily involved. In fact, I recommend that you spend much time in prayer over this as well.

It is important to conserve resources for the major nationwide upcoming future battle as full fledged martial law comes to the forefront in America at last. 

The supporters of the NWO agenda for this nation would dearly love to lure America's militias into this conflict situation at the Bundy Ranch, as they seek  to entice militias out of the woodwork through this staged conflict, in order to identify them, and then to arrest them over this...thus effectively taking them out of commission so they cannot later fight back under martial law.

As tragic as the Bundy situation is (and I am praying for their safety and a  peaceful resolution), it still is not "THE NEXT BIG ONE" in which full blown martial law is imposed across our nation. 

I would encourage America's militias to be cautious in this situation, and not prematurely deplete all their resources at this time. And to be fully aware that there are indeed Federal agents infiltrated into their groups, even posing as "Bundy sympathizers" and "militia members."

This conflict could easily be used by the US government to bring unforeseen disaster and even death to well-meaning people who have come to the Bundy's defense.

And once again, beware of the government actors, like Timothy McVeigh, who may be sent in to infiltrate a militia, and then deliberately do dangerous things in order to make America's valid militia look bad to the US public. Or even to provoke armed confrontation between the two opposing sides.
The Christian response to all this is to follow Biblical admonitions regarding how to deal with such conflicts. "Seek peace and pursue it." "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." 

For the Bible-believing Christians, guns and violence are not the ultimate Biblical solutions to resolve a legal conflict such as this. Instead, guns are only a tragic final option to use when all else fails, including peaceful negotiations.

History proves that armed conflicts only escalate into more violence when used to attempt to resolve conflicts, instead of seeking peaceful and non-violent means. Retaliation often follows armed conflicts as well, leading to increased bloodshed and violence, with the innocent often caught in the crossfire as collateral.

Like many other concerned Christians across the nation, I am praying continually for peace and for a non-violent resolution to this situation at the Bundy ranch. We all should be praying, in fact, for God to intervene and common sense to prevail throughout this situation.

One prayer whispered to Almighty God will do more than a thousand bullets fired during a crisis. It is not God's will that anyone should perish in this volatile confrontation. 

May God have mercy, and diffuse all violence and bloodshed and harm at the Bundy Ranch, and provide a peaceful and safe conclusion that glorifies God,
to this crisis,
 in Jesus' mighty Name.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

My Apology to My Readers........

Welcome to sunny Florida

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

For the entire past month, I laid aside my normal investigative reporting in order to help rescue a fellow Christian in desperate need. My former skills as a home health care provider and Christian counselor were desperately needed by a couple near Orlando, Florida. 

The husband faced serious heart surgery, and his wife felt overwhelmed initially by this. And so, they requested that I come down and assist them during this challenging time in their lives. 

I was happy to do so. However, this assistance involved constant trips to the hospital,  assistance in the home and other needs, to the degree that I simply was not able to perform adequate news research or write updated reports as I normally do for my readers.

Anyone taking care of a sick family member facing major surgery can understand this dilemma perfectly.
Caring for the sick takes time and energy

But now that the surgery is successfully completed and the patient is proceeding on to full recovery, I am now free to resume my investigative journalism and my PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA at last.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience. I know I have been exactly where God wanted me to be, and the family has thanked me profusely for standing with them at a difficult time.

I will be racing to catch up on recent breaking news events, and updating my reports beginning today.

Please pray for the success of the upcoming PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA. I am excited over the opportunity of meeting up with Christian intercessors across our nation, and helping to make a difference in America's destiny as we face this critical hour. So many people need Christ's love and healing power in their lives, and I hope to minister to many along the way.

Please consider helping with critically needed support. I have exhausted most of my funds helping this precious family for the past month, as you can imagine. God always works through His people to accomplish His will in the world today, and that includes practically and financially as well. His work cannot be fulfilled in the world any other way. 

Thank you for your prayers and your support! You can mail your support in as well. A friend is forwarding all my mail to wherever I request as I travel. I am looking forward to an exciting and fruitful journey across our nation, meeting with fine Christians and intercessors for prayer for America.
Westward HO!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
P. O. Box 724
Montreat, NC, 28757

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Prayer Journey Across America" To Resume Soon!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Thankfully, all our prayers  have been answered for the family that I have been helping in Florida for a month now. The husband came safely through surgery, was sent home, and is rapidly recovering. The surgery was a success. He is doing well. Praise God!

I am now finally released from this "God assignment" to resume my PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA. Time to hitch up the ol' Chevy Tahoe wagon and HEAD OUT WEST. Westward ho!
Preparing to travel across the Great Plains of the USA

Presently, I am praying with  Christian friends for God to put together the itinerary for this important prayer journey from Florida to the Pacific Northwest that will be over 3,000 miles across our nation in order to meet and pray with other Christians for our endangered America.

Quality Christian literature will be given away free of charge to people encountered along the way, to spread the good news that Jesus Christ brings to all mankind. Food and clothing for the homeless encountered will also be given away, with God's love, as I travel.


As most discerning Americans now realize, our nation is in deep crisis. This includes economically, politically, militarily, financially, and above all, spiritually. The inward spiritual condition of the people of any nation, will be outwardly reflected in every aspect of society. America's impending economic crisis is also indicative of  this nation's widespread spiritual and moral bankruptcy as well

The Bible declares, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord God." (or the one true God.) The Bible declares that when a nation has righteous rulers, the nation rejoices. 

But when a nation's rulers are wicked, the nation mourns and laments. When it's people rebel against God and His commandments, judgment must inevitably follow, as His word warns repeatedly.

God's creation was meant to interact and have fellowship with it's Creator. God created all that we see and cannot see. He earnestly desires to have loving fellowship with man, created in His image. Mankind was never intended to seek to function and survive apart from interaction with the Creator. 
Celebrating the wonders of God's glorious creation

God formed this creation including all of mankind, and therefore Almighty God knows what is best for His creation. This is why He gave people His commandments.

Sin, however, has brought deep division between a holy God and sinful mankind. God sent Jesus Christ His Son to repair that breach between God and man, to take away our sins and to restore fellowship between both. Jesus Christ is God's only solution that He has chosen to provide for the sins of mankind.

Therefore, it stands to reason that 
Jesus Christ remains 
America's only hope. 

Only Jesus Christ has died on the cross 
to bear the burden of the sins of the world.

Every problem afflicting this nation, can be traced back to the spiritual roots of each one. God cannot be expected to bless and prosper SIN, whether found in the government, the military, the media and Hollywood, the financial world (wherein many of the richest are actual satan worshippers). 

Don't forget  the public school system, wherein many teachers are secretly communists, satanists and witches deliberately infiltrated into the school system and whose hidden goals are to turn the children against the concepts of a Biblical God and morals.

Rather than "God bless America," God is compelled by His eternal word to JUDGE AMERICA for the sins of society. How can God, as the Creator of all flesh, bless the legalization of ABORTION, with up to 4,400 innocent children LEGALLY murdered up to the ninth month?

How can God bless any form of sin in our nation??? And sadly that must include sin and compromise that has crept into the churches of America today. God cannot bless homosexuality in the churches. The Word of God is clear on this subject. "You shall not lie mankind with mankind, as with womankind. It is AN ABOMINATION." 

Hey, don't get angry at me for the words above. They did not originate with ME: the Holy Word of God declares this truth. If you have a problem with this, take it up with Almighty God!

Partially due to the corruption inspired by Hollywood and mass media, which is continually warring against Biblical morals and righteousness, fornication is increasingly rampant among the youth of today, leading to an increase in STD and abortions. 

Cyberporn fills the Internet, enticing even curious children into it's forbidden zone. Corrupt rock music is deliberately designed to inspire rebellion among youth against God and family values. Television media tends to repeatedly mock Christianity and God's commandments.

Did you know that YOUTH SUICIDE is on the rise in America? Suicide is the SECOND leading cause for death among people ages 10-24. More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, COMBINED.

Surely increased suicide among our youth is a major indication of how unhealthy this nation has become.
Mayflower Pilgrims thanking God as they arrive at North America in 1620

How can God bless America for any of this? The same holy God who blessed my Pilgrim ancestors who came here for religious freedom from tyranny, and to establish a nation under His commandments and righteousness, is fully entitled to judge this nation which has known His word and our Christian heritage for hundreds of years, but has sadly strayed far from Him now.

Americans are now witnessing the bitter fruits of casting Jesus Christ and prayer out of the public school system, as sexual immorality and violent crime continues throughout the public school system. More and more reports are surfacing of teachers having sexual affairs with their students as well. Yet, prayer and God's word that would greatly reduce this is not welcome in the public schools!

The enemy is working hard to remove Jesus Christ and the word of God from every aspect of American society...from the US military, from the US government, even trying to remove crosses from public displays and to ban outdoor nativity scenes, and more.

All of this is happening,  even while satanists are attempting to get permission to erect a statue of Lucifer in Oklahoma City. Below is the satanic organization's depiction of what the statue may look like.  

Frankly, I couldn't stop laughing as I noticed the child's face on the he looked so much like the face of BARACK OBAMA! So is there a hidden, esoteric meaning behind the young man bearing the distinct facial features of Obama, as he gazes lovingly at Lucifer??? ( disgusting!)

And now, the US, NATO and her allies are seemingly trying to provoke military confrontation with RUSSIA over the Ukraine/Crimea conflicts. Many have pointed out that this can lead to WW III and other crises, including martial law declaration across North America.
In every generation, God will have His Remnant of true disciples of Christ

Truly this is a time for God's  holy Remnant of true disciples of Jesus Christ throughout North America to fast and pray and to weep and mourn over our nation, and what is about to come upon it. 

Many Christians are already familiar with the numerous prophecies for America, indicating the potential for military invasion, famine and suffering and persecution to come to our nation at last.

With the potential for such crises to be very close now, this is truly a time for intercessory prayer, coupled with personal repentance if sin has been allowed to become a part of a person's life. 

Can we admit there is sin in the churches of America today? Can God bless sin? Or is sin under the wrath of God? Could unconfessed SIN become a reason why God may permit persecution to come to the Churches of America someday? 

Throughout the Bible, God is known for allowing tribulation, war, famine and persecution to come even to those professing to be His people, in order to bring brokenness and repentance from sin and a return to a sincere walk with Him. This is what happened to ancient Israel/Judah when they turned against His commandments to worship other gods and to persecute the righteous who called them to repentance.
Jews led into exile to Babylon following the siege of Jerusalem.

Although America has sinned and is worthy of judgment, the Word of God reveals that THERE IS YET HOPE.

Proverbs 28:13 states that "Whosoever covers their sins shall not prosper. But whosoever shall forsake their sins shall find mercy." 

1st John 1:9 declares:  "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." The Bible further reveals that "...the blood of Jesus cleanses us from ALL sin."

Again, this is further confirmation that America's only hope is JESUS CHRIST and repenting from SIN and returning to God and His Word. The same is true for EVERY OTHER NATION as well.

Join with me and many others participating in this  great prayer journey across America. OUR prayers can make a great difference for our nation at this critical time, as we join hands across this continent by faith in mighty INTERCESSORY PRAYER. 

And of course, prayer is to be followed with righteous actions as well. "Faith without works is dead, " declares God's Holy Word.

As never before, discerning Americans need to fall on their knees in heartfelt repentance before Almighty God in this hour.

God's righteous remnant has made the crucial difference in every generation. Please, make YOUR voice count today.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
Your kind support for this urgently needed 
prayer journey is needed.

My itinerary will include: 
-Prayer with other Christians throughout the Yellowstone supervolcano region due to much ominous activity recently.
-A visit to the Bundy ranch region in Nevada to pray for a peaceful and non-violent resolution to this ongoing crisis.

-Prayer in various locations where heavy sightings of foreign troops regularly occur (Montana, New Mexico, etc.)
-Prayer in regions wherein known FEMA/DHS camps are located.
"My Father's House" at Crow Agency, MT

-Prayer with my Native American Christian contacts at various reservations across America, including Crow Agency, Montana.

-Radio and television interviews along the way (including MCAT television in Missoula, Montana).

I have exhausted all my resources helping the family in crisis
here in Florida for an entire month. Less than $200 remains for this long journey of over 3,000 miles to my final destination. 

$1,000.00 for gas and food must be raised at this time.
Supporters will receive free postcards from across this nation
as I travel, and can also request a lovely prayer shawl.

These prayer shawls are new Mexican blanket serapes of many beautiful colors and sizes. They were donated by a friend to this ministry.

Contact me and let me know if you would like me to send you one for your much needed support at this time. I will try to send the color your request, if they are available in that color.

Thank you for your prayers and your support!